Hope Project

Hope Project Overview

The Hope Project is a co-action between CFUW/SSI and Commonwealth Girls Education Fund (CGEF).  Its aim is to assist academically deserving girls whose families are unable to fund their secondary school education.  Students are selected from applicants proposed for funding by CGEF.  To ensure that funds are secure and used to best advantage, CGEF sends sponsorship monies directly to the schools the girls are attending. The funds cover tuition costs, uniforms, entrance examinations, transportation costs and school meals.  There is no administrative deduction from the funds raised by CFUW/SSI.

The CFUW/SSI initiated the Hope Project in 2005 with the sponsorship of three girls.  More money has been raised each following year and the number of girls sponsored each year has steadily increased.  Since 2005, 154 girls from a wide range of countries around the world have been funded through the project.  To date, the Hope project has helped 120 girls complete their education  As young women, they have gone on to work in spheres such as teaching, nursing, accountancy, engineering, tourism, and many more.  All have benefited personally from their education and in turn are able to help their families, communities and countries.

In 2017, the project is sponsoring 34 girls in the following countries – Sierra Leone, Bangladesh, Malawi, Belize, Guyana, India, Rwanda, Jamaica and Papua New Guinea.

Please click on the following link and view our brochure. Hope Project Brochure 2017


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