Secondary School Bursary

Criteria for awarding CFUW SSI Secondary School Bursary:

  • An award of $1,000.  shall be made to a female student at the Gulf Island Secondary School (GISS) on Salt Spring Island;
  • Applicant must be female;
  • Student  must be accepted in a degree granting program in Canada or elsewhere;
  • Student must exhibit strength in academic subjects;
  • Student should demonstrate financial need;
  • Skill in more than one language is an asset;
  • The CFUW SSI Scholarship Committee accepts the recommendation of the GISS Scholarship Committee in the selection of the student;
  • Monies will not be paid to a student until her enrolment at a post-secondary institution has been confirmed.  A copy of the student’s payment of fees form sent to the Club Treasurer will serve as confirmation.

More scholarship information is available on the GISS School District database.  Choose the “Academics” focus area.

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