Hope Project Update 2013

We are happy to report the club is again supporting 22 girls and individual members are sponsoring 18 girls for a total of 40 girls from a wide range of Commonwealth countries around the world through the Hope Project. Since 2006, more than 40 students have completed high school CFUW SSI.

One of these girls is Nomfundo in Swaziland who has recently started university.

What is the Hope Project?

The Hope Project is a co-action between the Canadian Federation of University Women on Salt Spring Island and the Commonwealth Countries’ League Education Fund in the UK.  The project’s aim is to assist needy but academically deserving girls to continue secondary school education.  To ensure funds are secure and used to best advantage, monies raised are sent directly to the school to cover tuition costs, uniforms, entrance examinations, transportation and school meals.

With financial assistance, these students have the opportunity to reach their potential, and become role models in their families and leaders in their communities.

CFUW SSI started sponsoring just 3 students in 2006.  Each year since, the club has been able to sponsor more and more students.  Sponsorship for each student can span 2 to 5 years depending on their requirement to complete secondary school.

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